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Why is Strategy a lonely process?

  It was always believed that strategy is a very lonely process. It isolates you from everyone in the team while you go about your pursuits. It is also rather believed that the Strategist identify themselves as lone fighters who aloof themselves when they are carving their way for the brands. But if you had to ask me, this attitude or the process is an unsaid gift given to each one of us by our very own agency culture over the period of time. Mark Pollard, Strategy Friend  rightly says, 4 I's through which a strategist can make a difference is  #Integration ,  #Innovation ,  #Intervention  and  #Insight . While most of us spend our time in mining insights which makes it a one man process. Where as the other 3 I's are the avenues which many agencies don't really explore with their strategist. Should that be factored into the everyday life of a strategist, the lonely battle of brands can turn into an alliance between the multiple teams across the board that can scale not just